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The best day trips from Alice Springs

The best day trips from Alice Springs

Alice Springs is the go-to spot for a deep dive into the Red Centre.

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Touching down in Alice Springs might have you reckon you’ve landed on a different planet. Encircled by a striking red expanse, it seems as though it's been plonked right outta the blue. Alice Springs stands as the Red Centre's sole city, serving as the perfect launch pad for venturing into the magnificent landscapes that lie beyond.

Here's a squiz at some top-notch activities around Alice Springs

Alice Springs Desert Park


Shatter the myth that the desert is barren at the Desert Park on Alice Springs’ fringes. This beauty of a park, part wildlife sanctuary and part botanical garden showcases a mix of meticulously recreated desert environments (sand, woodland, and desert rivers) teeming with life.

Get up close with kangaroos, gaze at birds of prey soaring freely, wander through aviaries, peek at snakes and nighttime critters, and be amazed by fragile desert blooms. You'll discover how the Aboriginal folk find sustenance and remedies in the desert and how these plants have ingeniously adapted to their arid surroundings.

Where: A quick 15-minute drive from the heart of Alice Springs.

West MacDonnell Ranges


Taking a dip in a chilly, natural swimming hole amid the desert ranks as one of the outback's unforgettable experiences. The splendid Tjoritja West MacDonnell National Park, just a stone's throw from Alice Springs, offers plenty of chances to do just that.

Spanning over 161km of natural splendour and swimming spots, it's a ripper of a destination for a day of hopping between water holes from Alice Springs.

We offer Allice Springs day tours, so you don't have to waste time organising your trip. We will do everything for you!

Where: Just a snag's throw away, an hour's drive west of Alice Springs.


Emily Gap


The surrounds of Alice Springs are steeped in the Caterpillar Dreaming (Yeperenye) creation tale, explaining the formation of the MacDonnell Ranges by enormous caterpillar mounds, taken out in a clash with their foes, the stink bugs. The range gaps, including the southern gateway to Alice Springs, came about when the caterpillars' heads were chomped off.

The areas adorned with sacred sites, with the most striking being the caterpillar rock art sprawling across the rock faces at Emily Gap in the East MacDonnell Ranges, a mere 10km east of the city along the Ross Highway. Whether you're driving, cycling, or tagging along on a tour, it's a must-see.


Where: A 15-minute drive southeast of Alice Springs city centre.

Desert Art Trail


Dive into the enthralling world of Aboriginal art with a visit to the art galleries in Alice Springs. Begin at the Araluen Arts Centre, home to several galleries featuring Central Australian Aboriginal art and one of the nation's largest collections of pieces by the legendary Albert Namatjira. The Tjanpi Desert Weavers, a collective of over 400 women artists from 26 remote communities, craft stunning baskets decorated with seeds and feathers alongside whimsical fibre sculptures of dogs and desert creatures. Tangentyere Artists also whip up unique sculptures and exquisite fabrics, blankets, and jewellery from upcycled metal, wood, and found objects. In Todd Mall, the local pedestrian mall, Papunya Tula Artists and Mbantua Gallery are top spots for snagging beautiful painted canvases as souvenirs.

Where: Kicks off a mere five minutes from Alice Springs.

Kangaroo Sanctuary


A joey is what you call a young kangaroo, and it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll be smitten at first sight with the precious orphaned joeys under the care of Chris Barnes (nicknamed "Brolga", famed from the telly series Kangaroo Dundee). Brolga's Kangaroo Sanctuary, a short drive from Alice Springs, welcomes visitors for tours from Tuesday to Friday during the late arvo.

Allice springs day tours

The tours, including bus pick-up from Alice Springs, last about 2.5 hours and offer a chance to meet the iconic red kangaroos typical of the Red Centre. If luck's on your side, you might even bump into Kangaroo Dundee himself, schedule permitting.

Where: A 20-minute tour from Alice Springs.


Finke Gorge National Park


Another jaw-dropping national park at Alice Springs’ doorstep is Finke Gorge. It's the stomping ground of one of the planet's ancient rivers, clocking in at over 350 million years old. This striking landscape is brimming with unique, ancient nature. Trek through Palm Valley on foot or by 4WD to spot a variety of unique flora and fauna, including the eye-catching red cabbage palms unique to the region.

Where: Roughly a two-hour drive west of Alice Springs.

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